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Combat Medical Technician

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The back bone of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

They provide the infrastructure for all other trades to plie theirs. They are the frontline in the evacuation chain ensuring the casualty survives long enough to get back to the field hospital for the MOs and others to do their business, although often displaced by RMAs and the Incident Response Team in this role(IRT).

{EDIT Aug 08: Op HERRICK battlefield casevac uses a beefed -up IRT which is known as the MERT - Medical Emergency Response Team. Good Times article HERE[1])

They have the standard Class 2 and 1, then its up to them to develop themselves as the CEG heads dont seem to have much in the pipeline to give the CMT hope in the future.

CMTs work in Field Units, be that teeth arms, Field Hospitals or Medical Support units. Medical Centres and not much else springs to mind.

As SNCOs and above they help train the Territorial Army as Permanent Staff Instructors and Warrant Officers.

The CMT lives in hope of being granted the honour of a civilian professional qualification. (but the QAs keep inventing things such as Clinical Governance to prevent this from happening)

'(Edit 2008: Accreditation of CMTs to UK paramedic/Ambulance technician status has been underway for some time. CMT newsletter and the CMT web-page on ArmyNet has more.)

Cracking at putting tents up, painting boxes and in the good old days of Military Hospitals they could be found on reception answering the telephones. Some have delusional belief that the CMT class One 'qualification' is the equivilant of a Paramedic and will enable them to walk straight into a job 'on the rigs' once they leave the Army. But to be honest on the whole, CMTs are alright. A wonderous collection of individuals, mighty of arm and quick of intellect always ready with a good yarn. Have a prediliction for strong drink, hot curries - or should that be the other way round - and will act as the diagnoser of your ailments when you talk to him/her at the bar!!