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Lovely little place in Wiltshire, close to Bath, which is host to the legendary Caddy's Night Club, with Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights sponsored by the NAAFI. Here you can belt out the classics, like "Come on Eileen", and mingle with the locals. If you look hard enough around the club, somebody WILL actually be coming on Eileen.

A former RAF base and once home to the RCT Junior Leaders Regiment it is now occupied by 21st Signal Regiment. It’s not a bad camp, perhaps a little old, but that adds to the character of the place. They are in the process of sprucing up the singlies blocks - twas looking nice before I left, amazing what you can do to a shoe box with some MDF.

Exercises are very few and far between, so check out the golf driving range on your relaxed days off. It’s situated at the top end of camp, you can't miss it; a big great golf ball marks the spot. They have all the latest golfing practice equipment too, including one of those dishes that you try to pitch your balls into. I don't like "whackems" so I never went, but it looked good.

If you don't fancy a walk into Bath, you could get a taxi, or get a mate to drop you off, otherwise take a right out of camp, and proceed into the village, where you will find the “Fox”. I’m not sure if that's the full name - I was always bladdered when I was dragged there. Anyway, it's a cosy little number, with a pool table, and a vintage juke box, complete with vintage records, which I thought was a novel idea! For a quid you can listen to "Come on Eileen"... again look towards the vicinity of the pool table, and Eileen should be getting dribbled on! (She gets around, that girl). A word of warning though, you can't swear once trapped inside the pub, so dull conversation is a must. If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a "Jimmy" emblazoned silver tankard, leave it behind the bar, and the next time you order a beer, announce in an voice that will be audible to the pub regulars:

"Pint of Badgers arse, in my tankard please!"

The look of admiration from your mates is priceless, and the taste is exquisite (of the beer, not your mates).

All in all, much fun is to be had, if you’re lucky enough to come to this neck of the woods!