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Cold War

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The time between the end of the Second World War and the fall of the Iron Curtain was one of the few periods in history where a large part of the British Army knew where their enemy was, what they had to do and could spend most of its time practicing for the event of war breaking out. NATO faced the Warsaw Pact over a single border, SOXMIS and BRIXMIS were 'legal' spies and 'Active Edge' was the ultimate in readiness exercise for a whole Corps.


Standard 3rd Shock Army issue

Said to be 'the good old days' due to the fact that there were no shortages of men, vehicles or equipment but it wasn't all that 'good' knowing that 3rd Shock Army were over the other side of the IGB ready to roll all the way to the channel coast if things went wrong on the political and diplomatic front.

Had it been known that the Russian military juggernaut would never come across the border, BAOR could have been an even bigger piss up than it was. Then again the Ruskies had an even bigger alcohol abuse problem in their ranks than we had. So perhaps a massive bezzering could have taken place around Fulda - last drunk standing takes all.