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A member of the Adjutant General's Corps(Staff and Personnel Support) or AGC(SPS). A Shiny Arse that will muck your pay up, lose your paperwork and sit behind a desk, in an air conditioned office while you do the real soldiering. However, your average clerk works very, very long hours. When most of the Army is on a Sports Afternoon, knocked off early or enjoying a weekend, you will find your faithful Clerk stuck in his office sifting through an In-Tray the size of Mt Snowdon.

To be fair to them, there used to be many sub-categories of clerks, with each one specialising in a separate area. However, now they wear many hats and are expected to know everything.

If you are a Pen pusher, incapable of getting our pay right, then award yourself one of these: Template:Clerk (then we'll know who you are and can abuse you)

I changed your spelling for you Dale the snail I've added some realism for you!


The term Clerk is now obsolete, it's Combat HR Specialist don't you know..