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Civil War

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Conflict resulting from a disagreement within a socio-political entity that had (up till conflict broke out) considered itself to be an united body. Can happen within any club/group/company/country/religion although its usually only countries and religions that get the guns out and start blasting.

In other words ... dirty political infighting and backstabbing turned nasty.

Famous Civil Wars:

  • English Civil War: King verses Parliament. Win for Parliament (twice) and the King lost his head.
  • French Civil Wars: Being French they dont have civil wars as there would be major embarrassment if BOTH sides lost.
French wars of Religion: Protestant v Catholic (Catholic win - Protestants massacred).
French Revolution: Rich people against Poor people. (Poor people win - Rich people lose their heads in a mechanized way)
  • American Civil War: North against South. (South loses as it had F all industry but had more fun whipping the houseboy and wearing taffeta - Black People no longer property and free to starve in liberty).
  • Russian Revolution: Rich v Poor again. Poor won. Ushered in era of dirty commies trying to share everything we have with great unwashed. Ultimtely failed cause the great unwashed are lazy cnuts.
  • Iraqi Civil War: Does not exist ... Tony and George have said so and who can question these fine honest politicians?