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Civil Servant

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A once noble profession, civil servants would leave university and slowly climb the ladder to greatness - each one a vital cog in the well-oiled machine that was the British Empire.

Unfortunately, times have changed and since the 1970s the Civil Service has become riddled with the cancer of liberalism. Consequently, the service recruits from Jobzilla - and extra smartie points are available if the applicant is a dungaree-wearing lesbo-fascist, a mong, gay, lesbian, ethnic or all of the above.

Some sadly deluded people consider them to be employees, however, most right minded people agree that they are useless and wouldn't survive in the real world. They certainly aren't civil - and they aren't nearly servile enough.

A Daily Mail article commented that the SA80 rifle should be renamed The Civil Servant because it doesn't work and can't be fired. This is an unfair comparison since (through gold-plated incompetence in the NHS) the Civil Service has killed far more people than the SA80 ever could.

Nowadays the term Civil Servant equates to Civil Master.

See also Civil Serpents.