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Civil Nuclear Constabulary

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Civil Nuclear Constabulary

Special Armed Police Unit (AKA the CNC) specializing in guarding nuclear power stations/facilities etc from the likes of Terrorists/Horrible People etc.

Armed as a description doesn't begin to do justice to the weaponry they can deploy ....

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) (Welsh: Heddlu Sifil Niwclear) is a special police force responsible for providing law enforcement and security at or within 5 km of any relevant nuclear site and for nuclear materials in transit within Great Britain. The CNC was established on 1 April 2005, replacing the former Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary established in 1955. The CNC does not guard the United Kingdom's nuclear weapons; this role is the responsibility of the British Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence Police. The CNC operates with the majority of its constables acting as Authorised Firearms Officers, many of the officers can be seen patrolling their respective sites carrying firearms such as assault rifles and pistols.

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