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Shortened form of Civilian - the polar opposite of a Squaddie.

  • Civilian - You're born one, and if you're lucky you'll die one.

Civvies are people who

  • do not serve and consequentially are a drain to society, they have no concept of what a Soldier is and what makes him/her tick.


  • Pay a massive amount (£30 billion) from their taxes to support the squaddie in the manner to which he has become accustomed. Sees their hard earned defence budget being pissed up a wall by inebriated squaddies whose only interest appears to be getting a sexually transmitted disease from the total dog he's just vomited his kebab on.
  • Strangely enough, despite the total lack of understanding of each others modus operandi, many Soldiers aspire to becoming one of these and join civvy street.


  • Also thus a term for clothes that aren't issued uniform / DPM. In the good old days, perhaps a more genteel age, we might have described a soldier dressed in civvies as being in mufti. Not sure mufti really suits a pair of grand slammed jeans, beer stained T-shirt and flip-flops though. See Designer Clothes.

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