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Chris Ryan

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Chris Ryan

Legendary figure within the SAS and member of the ill-fated Bravo Two Zero mission during the Gulf War. Ryan undertook the longest E&E in the regiment's history, escaping from his Iraqi pursuers and fleeing for over two thousand miles before eventually showing up in a pub in Leeds. Amazing as this is, it is even more staggering when one realises that Ryan achieved this feat half naked and armed with nothing but a a Swiss Army Knife and an out-of-date packet of Rolos.

Ryan subsequently jumped on the post-Gulf War publishing bandwagon and wrote the hugely successful The One That Got Away. Though not quite as high on the cnut scale as his contemporary Andy McNab, Ryan is viewed by some within the regiment as something of a sell out. But a chap's gotta make a living, surely?

After leaving the regiment Ryan went on to appear in various roles including Derren Brown's Mindfuck, Chasing Private Ryan, and Ultimate Farce - appearing in a cameo role alongside Ross Kemp. Ryan now lives in Wales and writes books - lots of. Ryan is believed to be singularly responsible for keeping Waterstone's in business such is his capacity for churning out medium quality actioners. And yes, I admit, I read a few of his 'books'. Although, one complaint. He considers himself too saintly to use swear words other than 'bloody'.