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Choccy Tree

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The Choccy Tree: an invaluable part of any Regimental training, exercise or outdoor activity that your average, enthusiastic and committed soldier thrives upon. Otherwise known as the quickest way to drive yourself into debt since phoning Richard and Judy's daytime quiz.

The Choccy Tree garners its name from the way chocolate and pop suddenly seems to manage to sprout from the ground in the form of your RQ or SQMC appearing with a large box full of the stuff - and an even larger folder for all the names that need flick.

The person dealing with the Choccy Tree finances will of course state that everything is at 'cost price', or that the markup is minimal, when in fact they're funding a holiday for them and the kids to the Caribbean this winter - thanks to the soldier's need to stuff himself full of Kit-Kat, Mars bars and Fanta when he has nothing else to amuse himself with during a piss-wet day in deepest darkest Sennybridge.

The measure of your quartermaster is in his Choccy Tree. A good SQMC will bring a box of Twix and a case of Coca-Cola. A brilliant SQMC will bring an MFO box carrying more choice than your average Tescos, whilst a shit SQMC wont even bring out your Rat Packs.

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