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Inhabitants of China [motto: We Sustain]. Slanty-eyed foreign devils much in the same vein as the Japanese - though don't tell them that. Famous for vases, building humongous quantities of wallage across China and railroads across North America and the Triads. Also famous for inventing explosives and for being the saviours of the culinary challenged - which is odd considering that anything furry is either:

  1. An aphrodisiac
  2. Edible
  3. Both

Chinks are willing to scoff things not normally considered food, i.e. Birds' nest soup, Bear bile, Panda penis, Tiger bollocks and body organs. All rather unnerving - especially if you're on the endangered list.

One in every six people is Chinese. So if you look around the room and the 5 people nearest you aren't Chinese ... its you!

Noteworthy Chinamen include Fu Manchu, Jackie Chan and Ming the Merciless (and noteworthy mong).

China's national anthem: National Anthem of the PRC.

Held the 2008 Olympics notable for under-age Chinese gymnasts, NO protests fot Tibet under threat of unpleasntness, the UK doing disturbingly well, smog and the fact that the next Olympics will be a total Cake and Arse Party.