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The Chinese Air Force

Large vaguely communist country full of chinese people who according to Monty Python "only come up to your knees and are ready to please", that is why Disney Land Hong Kong only has train sets and no real rides. (1 in every 5 people on earth are chinese ... which means one person in my department is a chinese spy!).

Beijing & Taipei are the two capital city's of China, China itself is split into the Republic of China and commie People's Republic of China.

With 2.25 million active troops, is currently the largest military in the world. The PLA consists of an army, navy, air force, and strategic nuclear force. China's military may be big but it is not exactly as professional as the average Tom but not as poorly trained as a Spam trooper.

The demeanour of a Chin squaddie is one of mass produced look-alikes who you cannot help to laugh at, with a flat face and a wonky communist assault rifle. Chinese soldiers have yet to discover alcohol, instead their entertainment is to breed children out of their back wile playing endlessly in mini-arcades (The masses need some kind of entertainment?)

As said, Chinese people do not engage in sexual intercourse, they appear, spawning from every population centre without a DOB or name, the name usually ends up as Chin, Lei, Chan, Honda, Grapedinner or something with only one syllable.

China is known as the modern day home of the Red Menace, as well as being the true location of Santa Claus's toy factory.

China's billions of elves bustle about making toys, and cheap electronic gear for the rest of the world. Unfortunately for them, they don't actually celebrate Christmas themselves, so they don't get any presents. To compensate for this China enjoys invading neighbouring countries, and threatening Taiwan with all out war if they don't admit to being Chinese.

Currently having to face up to the fact they need the West to buy their shite because as the west's economies sink without trace (no matter what Crash Gordon does to save the world), so does their economic miracle. And with 2.5 million people entering the job market every 10 minutes, its either economic miracle or a quick invasion of India, Japan and Korea.

Chinese people dont actually eat chinese scrag bo... they prefer pizza & alot of egg featuring foods.