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Children's Club

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Guess which one will explode next

The successful formula Sesame Street has a customised Palestinian spin off to meet the needs of children on the Westbank and in the Gaza Strip. It is currently aired under the name Children’s Club on Al-Aqsa TV.

Like the twisted brain-wrong of a drug addled Rainbow producer, it teaches Palestinian children how to become successful and respected suicide bombers. Exactly the kind of citizens a mature state needs. Apart from that the show is trying to keep the myth alive of Palestinians actually being capable of destroying the state of Israel. A typical episodes deals with questions of faith, martyrdom and ranting about the Jews, Yanks and the other non-Muslim inhabitants of this planet.

The hostess of the show, 10 year old Saraa, is assisted by a bunny called Assud. The name suggests he’s a fierceful lion but in reality he’s just a pink piece of gay fluff. Assud is the third animal co-presenter on Children’s Club.

The first character to play the role of Big Bird was a Mickey Mouse walt called Farfour. Unfortunately he got into trouble with the Israeli’s and he got himself martyred. He was then succeeded by his brother Nahoul. A fat around the waist middle-aged tough bee who, not surprisingly, got himself martyred as well. It was up to Assud to follow in his footsteps and as he hopes to vindicate his brothers. It’s impossible to tell how long Assud will remain amongst us, but chances are he’ll get martyred off the show pretty soon considering the current situation in the Gaza Strip.

On a more educational note one could wonder what kind of deformed, retarded parents produce a mouse, a bee and a bunny as offspring. They must have been very intimately related for many generations. However the conservative Islamic movement Hamas doesn’t seem to be bothered by this grotesque monginisation of its own people and therefore it can’t be against Islam.

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