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Welsh git who has now transmogrified into cpunk.

Boasts to the ladies that he helped write the 'Young ones' shows royalties cheques amounting to £3.87 for a walk on part in Russ Abbotts madhouse. A 48 year old virgin and failed trampolene artist, wears built up shoes and this is his first year without callipers

Stalked Helen Mirren when in his twenties until locked up in D-wing at Risley remand centre. Whilst detained he read a number of books about the Special forces and the German war machine hence being moderatley clued up.

He envies anyone with a powder blue beret and yearns for a life where ladies will talk to him instead of spitting on him.

Last seen in the Ashford area poking fun at the bloodclots inside the perimeter fence that he is a moderator on Arrse and should be allowed in to play on thier posh space invaders.

Collects Atari games and tries out butt plugs for a well known marital aid company, but has yet to be able to insert one into Cindy Crawford's peachy, rosebud arsehole, despite masses of lube. He continues to practise on his own, but can no longer be described as a Peachy rosebud...... More like a 'baggy canyon'

Lately been seen trying to access The Lord Flashearts computer looking for an address for Blondebint in order that he can also send her a light blue beret. Also wishes to invite her to a parade night at the Boys Brigade depot where he is bandmaster and oral hygeine inspector.

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