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Ласкаво просимо в наш прекрасний курорт!

Chernobyl is a town near Kiev in the Ukraine. It is an ideal holiday location for Airsofters or Paintballers. A massive theme park modelled on an old nuclear power station; complete with rubble, abandoned houses and streets.

There are even play parks for your children to entertain themselves while you and your wife walt it up.

The resort was extensively renovated in 1986 to make it more attractive to working class people from sink estates. A travel brochure described the renovation as ""Головна з будинку, що ідеально підходить для наших працівників розслабитися і отримати засмага." tr. "A home from home, ideal for our workers to relax and get a suntan."

Chernobyl was closely modelled on the British resort of Glasgow, and inspired the Morrissey single "Every Day Is Like Sunday." Borat owns a very popular hotel here. It is nice!