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Former home of the Army Apprentices College.

Chepstow College History

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  • 1924 - The War Office opened the Boy's Technical School on February 28, and later that year purchased Pennsylvania garden city for married staff. About half of the instructors were civilians, so the impact of the staff and their families on the life at Beachley and in the neighbourhood generally was considerable.
  • 1929 - The name was changed to Army Technical School (Boys).
  • 1940 - Only one bomb was dropped on Beachley during the war, on November 9, 1940, causing the death of one apprentice - App Tdsm Thornton - and badly wounding a sergeant.
  • 1947 - The camp was re-named the Army Apprentices School, and later the Army Apprentices College. Gradually over the years the huts were replaced. It did appear for a time that the College would close earlier than it did, due to the uncertainty of the site of the first Severn Bridge.
  • 1972 - April - Chepstow Urban District Council presented a casket to the college in a riverside ceremony with a scroll which records the deep bond of affection and goodwill between the officers, non-commissioned officers and men and the citizens of Chepstow.
  • 1994 - 28 February - The Apprentices, accompanied by the College Pipes and Drums, marched past the Mayor to celebrate the College's 70th Anniversary; the last parade by the College through the town. Also at this parade, the silver casket and scroll were returned to the Mayor for future safe keeping.