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Character Building

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Slightly misnomerous as generally things that build your character either hurt you or, at best, really fuck you around. RMAS or PSBC for example are described as 'character building' but any sane man would describe them as just a massive pain in the arrse - especially the bit where you have to carry half your body weight around in a small sofa strapped to your back, at night... and wet through.

Apparently being able to 'hack it' proves you have character but potentially means you have just got enough Brufen coursing through your veins to make it OK. That said, the characters that are built like this are load tested to high tolerances and are sufficiently formulated as to unwarrant further development... and thus don't break when the pizza boy forgets the garlic bread.

It should be noted that 'character building' and Duty of Care are not necessarily mutually exclusive and are very rarely heard in the same sentence.