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Char Wallahs

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"An asset to the Her Majestys Forces and saviours of many a Hungry Soldier - ready to go where no purveyor of Butties and Burgers has gone before and to serve in all Theatres of Peace and War!. Frying Pans at the High Port and with Shouldered Spatula they were a sight to Strike fear into the Heathen Masses and send them running for cover as they shot drops of hot Pork dripping in their direction!

Although no Choggie gained the Famed Status of Wolfgang of Soltau fame, they shall be remembered affectionately by those they served - Unfortunately, as I understand it - this fine body of feeding men have faded into oblivion thanks to the corporate efforts of NAAFI (No Ambition and F*** all interest) and PAYD (Pay as you Dine).

May the Noise of the Fat slapping in their Frying pans lighten my weary heart and increase my Waistline when I get to Heaven!!" (LIMA)

Usually Asians who sold anything and everything from a small hut known as a Choggie Shop somewhere deep in the bowels of a camp which was always open and also sold fast food. They ran a 'tick' book whereby you could buy from them and (say) put it 'on tick', which you then settled up at the end of each month.

The trick here was to get as much on 'tick' as possible, get posted and not settle up. Unfortunately, this would invariably result in a fatwah being slapped on your arse which inevitably caught up with you fifteen years later when your house in suburban Leicester got torched after the old Char wallah recognised you at the bus stop and got his homies to light up your drum - with your wife and kids in it. Was it worth it for an unpaid crate of stims?

Char from the Indo-Asian term for tea.

Several char wallahs were killed in their service to the troops in NI...unfortunately, as scarletto put it, "not remembered anywhere but by us on here."