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The greatest contributor to British Military casualty figures since Haig's Chief of Staff misunderstood the General's morale boosting idea of a "Song and Dance" and instead initiated the shockingly wasteful Somme Advance in 1916.

This thing breaks, it burns, it bites, it runs away and it explodes, all without a single round going anywhere near the target. The man who invented this was being noshed off at the time, either that or he was a blind, fingerless man from Albania.

Designed for being a gravity fed weapon, some halfwit at the MOD put it in the Warrior upside down so that the link took all the strain. Probably looked at the link and thought that he could save some pennies there so made it thinner and easily bendable.

You're better off throwing your helmet at the advancing hordes... either that or finding the girl (one hopes) that was giving the nosh and getting one yourself.

See Warrior the vehicle that the Chain Gun fails to fire from.