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AVRE with fascines
Country Of origin UK
Designation Armoured Engineer Equipment
Configuration Tracked
Manufacturer: Dunno
Crew: 3 or 4
Length 9 m
Width dunno m
Height 4.2 m with fascines
Weight 42 t
Speed 40 km/h
Range Dunno
Primary armament None
Secondary armament 2 x GPMG
Power plant Diesel
Night Dunno
  • Chieftain based AVRE originally bodged together at RE Wksps Willich, aka Willich AVRE.
  • Chieftain running gear and hull, topped by old railway lines to carry pipe fascines or trackway. These were launched into ditch obstacles by accelerating, blowing the bolts on restraining chains then hitting the brakes.
  • Could be fitted with mine plough, tow Giant Viper or AVRE trailer.
  • First trialled by 23 Engr Regt at Osnabruck, where, due to local animosity to more "tanks" in town, they were transported in described as "heavy engineer equipment".