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Celestial Navigator

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The Rt. Dishon. Anthony B'liar (ex-MP and serial liar) in one of his more spiritual moments.

As God speaks directly to our Tone - and he seems to do what he's told, that makes the UK a Theocracy. Therefore we can tell the Muslims to go and get stuffed without feeling that we're oppressing them (Although B'lair does his best to appease them in an insane PC way, and the British natives into an unofficial exile).

That also (technically) meant we could burn heretics! Religious war anyone?

Tone after being ousted from the PM job is currently (after causing so much grief between christians, jews and muslims), jetting around the middle east 'bringing peace and understanding' to the religious groups. One thing that would bring peace and understanding would be be if someone slotted the cnut.

Whether our current PM, Gordon Broon, is equally insane is something we are still to find out. Gordy's problems lying in more in the financial realm than in the god bothering - although he did once claim, in the House of Commons, to be saving the world.

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