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  • If the Sysops will allow, I would like to nominate the following as a top contributor, for dedicated service over a sustained period of time and willingness to combat the spamming choppers:

Mangonel who, despite not yet having created his own page (HINT!!!) has made all of these contributions.

There are loads of other obviously worthy candidates of course but hopefully the rest of you will pick up on this page and add them in - or do we need a seperate nominations page? User:Soroban UNSTAMPED

  • I would argue that this is precisely what this page is for - to 'talk' about all matters pertaining to Top Contributors. My only caution - which has nothing to do with 'Mangonel' at all - is that it isn't simply about numbers of posts - it's about adding value. Perhaps we should run a form of consensus poll on any user nominated, along the lines of simply placing For or Against with a reason on this page? Darth_DoctrinusTalk & Contribs 11:00, 3 May 2006 (BST)