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What is a User Template?

  • A user template is a small Infobox that a user can embed in their userpages. People like Darth_Doctrinus have also got into the habit of referring to them as tags.
  • Some are for informing other users of edit counts, while others are for Bloggers, VU devotees or people addicted to Chat.
  • Some user templates have a vaguely serious nature: they are primarily to act as a visual cue that a user is also a Sysop, for example.
  • There is no limit as to what a user template can be used for - your designs are only limited by your imagination.

What is this page for?

  • This page allows users to identify which templates are in curent use, and to depict them graphically, saving users the hassle of having to run through all of them one-by-one. The collection is continually evolving.

How do I order one?

  • Please keep checking back for additions. You might even like to try designing your own. It's not too difficult, but as with most things, there's a knack. If it all goes Pete Tong then you can always ask for a specific design at my talk page.

How do I use them?

  • There is no requirement to cut and paste loads of code - each template has all its code hidden within it. All you do is identify the unique code for each template, and then place it wherever you want in your own page. Template codes look like this:


This code is for the Bureaucrat template you can see immediately below this section. Each template image has its unique code directly beneath it - simply copy and paste this into your page.

The Designs

Serious Ones

The Bureaucrat

200px-Army_Flag2.gif This user is a


The Sysop

0014.gif This user is a SysOp and ARRSEpedia guru. 0014.gif


  • A Sysop is an ARRSEr granted special mystic powers to help police the Wiki. There is also a slightly less aggressive template available - you should use the {{Sysop2}} code.

The Moderator

m.gif This user is a Moderator





  • The ARRSEr tag is purely for asthetic reasons, and to allow blatant demonstrations of site loyalty.

Top Contributor

s4a_thumbs_up.jpg This user is a Top Contributor.


Edit Counting

  • There is a school of thought that would suggest that we are no greater than the sum of our posts; or in this case edits.
  • This series of tags exist to 'reward' frenetic editing activity, which is after all, the life-blood of any Wiki.
  • All of the templates in this section are available once a certain number of edits have been logged.

50 Edits

50 This user has over 50 edits
on the ARRSEpedia.


100 Edits

100 This user has over 100 edits
on the ARRSEpedia.


250 Edits

250 This user has over 250 edits
on the ARRSEpedia.


500 Edits

500 This user has over 500 edits
on the ARRSEpedia.


1000 Edits

1K This user has made over 1000 edits on the ARRSEpedia.


1500 Edits

1500 This user has over 1500 edits on the ARRSEpedia, and needs a real life.


2000 Edits

2K This user has over 2000 edits on the ARRSEpedia.


2500 Edits

2.5K This user has over 2500 edits on the ARRSEpedia,
and needs therapy.


3000 Edits

3K This user has over 3000 edits
on the ARRSEpedia.
How sad is that?


4000 Edits

4K This user is a Master ARRSEpedian
with over 4000 edits
on the ARRSEpedia.


5000 Edits

5K This user is a Grand Master ARRSEpedian with over 5000 edits
on the ARRSEpedia.


Capbadge Tags

  • Some users may well wish to display a little Regimental spirit and use a specific capbadge design tag.
  • Clearly, this is only a very small representative selection from the many hundreds that could be furnished.

The Infanteer

saa.jpg This user is an


The Gunner

Metal_Cannon.jpg This user is a member of the
Royal Regiment of Artillery


The Medic

medic.png This user is a medic.


  • Although not strictly a 'capbadge', we had a few users asking for it...

User Interests

  • Clearly there are as many interests as there are people on Earth. Some are perfectly mundane, while others result in close supervision by the authorities.
  • Again, these are a representative selection of interests.

Member of Rum Ration

royal-navy3.gif This user is also a
member of RumRation


  • Make sure you copy this exactly - the coding will be changed to make it easier to rememember.

Visual Utopia Player

vuswords2.jpg This user is a


  • Again, watch the letter ordering with this one...

Blogging Users

blogbook.png This user maintains a blog.


Member of Rear Party

bottle.jpg This user is a devoted member of
Rear Party.


Troop Supporter!

29px-Yellow_ribbon.png This user supports the troops.


Miscellaneous tags

  • Probably the area of greatest growth. This section is for anything that takes your fancy.
  • Great fun to make, by the way!


45px-Hazard_F.png This user enjoys indiscriminate pillaging.


All Your Base

41px-Earth_Western_Hemisphere.jpg All your base are belong to this user.


Ninja User


This user is a Ninja, with dominion over everything totally sweet.


Lover of Sock Puppets



  • No idea why.
  • Bet it becomes very popular in a decidedly ironic way.

Chat Devotee

Grin.png This user is addicted to Chat



flirt.png This user is a flirt.



evil_grin.png This user is evil
and is not to be trusted!


Angelic User

40px-Face-angel.png This user is an angel.



This user is a Mercenary and chooses his or her own wars to fight in


Keeping track

  • If you want to see what new tags are available, the section Articles in category "User templates" at the bottom of this page details the entire site listing of all available tags.
  • A complete list of codes for general page construction, editing and policing exists here.
  • Additionally, a discussion of certain general templates in use may be found here.

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