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What is this all about?

This page was set up to allow serving and ex-soldiers to pass on lessons learned and experience that may be of use to the wider military community. Far from stealing the thunder of arm-specific forums, it is intended that such wisdom can reach a wider audience here in the wiki.

Old-Timers and experienced soldiers are particularly encouraged to pass on valid information that may have been lost over the years. It may feel embarrassing to start swinging the lantern on here, but a soft lesson learned by a bored soldier on the Internet is much better than the hard one he may learn walking down an unfriendly street on Ops.

This is not an opportunity to start posting nonsense you've learned whilst playing Conflict:Desert Storm on Xbox, or whilst gazing wide-eyed over a beer at your PSI. It is an opportunity to collate the vast and varied OPERATIONAL experience abundant in the ARRSE membership.

You can post on any topic you deem relevant. Did an old-sweat teach you section-level tactics/techniques that served you well on ops, but which never made it into the Pams? Pass it on here. Found a way to keep your feet in good working order when on Bde Ex's in Norway, but which probably won't be common knowledge for a RLC Tp Sgt taking his guys to Northern Afghanistan? Stick it on here. Seen the same lessons learned and unlearned over and over again? Do something about it.

This section is limited only by your combined experience. As your finger hovers over the pressel switch, think: "Do I really know what I'm talking about" and ask yourself if it will help those who read it.

Finally: This is not about giving our enemies information they can exploit us with. Think before you type and if you're in doubt - ask.

The way forward

In due course it will hopefully grow to have many sub categories but in the meantime just make sure that when you create an article make sure you include [[Category:The Knowledge]] at the bottom of the page. This will ensure that it appears on this page. The talk page can also be used to discuss where this is going.

External links

The Longdon Bar thread that started it all off (only visible to LB members)