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Once upon a time in the days of the Fulda Gap,3rd Shock Army[[1]], BMP-2 Spigot equipped AIFV and attacking on a Wednesday when the entire BAOR was playing Rugby there were REMF’s[[2]], and there were the teeth arms. The teeth Arms did the shooting, the REMF’s counted and provided the bullets. And by the time the Soviets did break through, and the cooks found themselves fixing bayonets somebody would have dropped the big one anyway. However the Soviets with their spiffy uniforms weighed down with 300 “Hero of Soviet Tractor Production” medals disappeared before a fight broke out.

luckily for the British Army’s budget up popped some rather angry Islamic wallahs. Unfortunately the more excitable and keen followers of Mohammed had a nasty habit of not meeting in the middle as we had agreed with Ivan, where both sets of teeth arms were all laid out in nice neat lines, but had the temerity and bad form of simply popping up in the most inconvenient places.

As a result the Royal Army Veterinary Corps et all suddenly found that they were exchanging chunks of copper jacketed lead with Jonny Jihad on an ad hoc basis. Now whilst they weren’t actually leaving the comfort of their air conditioned beds and shopping facilities they could hardly be called REMF’s any more. So the Americans in their infinite wisdom invented the more affectionate word - Fobbit, Named after JRR Tolkien’s Hobbit creature, a Fobbit is a small strange individual that doesn’t do any harm, is occasionally called upon to do some shooting as part of the FOB QRF but nevertheless rarely leaves the confines of the RPG resistant HESCO walls that surround them.

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