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The purpose of this page is to act both as a warning and also as an aid to the poor, naive fools who have been taken in and/or been fleeced rigid by the burgeoning scourge of society that is the Walt. Whether you've been done up the hoop, hit in the wallet or simply been made to look stupid this is the page that aims to 'out' the miscreant to prevent him/her/it continuing this perfidious social practice.

In the absence of a dedicated website - like our Australian and Kiwi cousins possess - this is as good as it gets... for now. Remember, Google is a wonderful thing, and if you're unfortunate enough to have your antics appear on ARRSE, then rest assured you'll have your very own ARRSEpedia entry in a trice! It will then be a simple matter for the inquisitive to check your miserable record of lies and deceit on the glorious Internet.

That said, some Walts, however, have achieved a special place in the hearts of ARRSErs, whether due to their five minutes of fame in mass media, or their sheer stupidity. Nevertheless, they all share one thing in common. They are all...