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Castle Martin

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Castle Martin Range

Picturesque, ain’t it?

A firing range for Tankies in Wales, did have at one time a permanent detachment of Boxhead Panzers stationed there.

Hence that part of Wales having loads of unmarried mothers with kids called Herman or Inga.

As places to spend an annual camp go, you could do better. Accommodation reasonable, cookhouse reasonable, NAAFI reasonable, however the nearest town (and I'm being generous with the word "town") is 7 miles away. Along with the nearest cash machine and fag replen. Also worthy of note is the fact the camp CoC won't let you park green fleet vehicles on the camp itself. No, they have to go on the tank park. Over a mile from everything else.

On the plus side, the ranges themselves can make for a genuinely fiendish orienteering course. And it's still closer to civilisation than Brawdy.