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Career Sticks

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A game played by Officers and SNCOs in order to gain social acceptance within the hierarchy. Also played by the more junior members of the Armed Forces to demonstrate that they are potential promotion material to the mess. Shame their tongues are all brown.

The various components essential to play are:

Unlike days of old, clubs nowadays are made mostly of metal, and are generally marked in such a way as to ensure the user grips the correct (thin) end
A small dimpled sphere, white in colour. Unlike men, more than two will be required. These will do their best to hide from the owner with a level of cunning equal to the fox.
A small wooden peg from which balls are struck. Also describes an area of raised grass from which the initial stroke (or strokes) are played.
That area of short-mown grass dividing players searching for balls in the rough.
An area of unkempt woodland or grassland which serves to obscure the balls of most players.
That area of extremely short grass, with a smooth-rolled surface dividing participants playing their balls from opposing bunkers.
A sand pit - like Iraq but on a smaller scale but with a similar level of violence, abuse and broken kit.

Also, a game played by a select group, who are usually seen mincing off down the gangway/through the main-gate approximately 20 minutes after everyone else has been told that " the program is too tight to allow leave for sports/AT.."

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