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Care in the Community

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The next time you're having a shower and you happen to notice someone's penis pressed up against the bathroom window, it can mean one of two things:

  1. You are in a Royal Marines barrack block
  2. You are the unfortunate victim of Care in the Community

Care in the Community is the state handwashing of responsibilty for those unfortunate souls who are one bag of stamps short of a Kenyan Landrover, one Coke can short of a mobile Sudanese eye cataract hospital, or even one sock short of a Blue Peter Appeal.

Of consequence, the nation is awash with mongs, nutters, the generally deranged and people wandering through the streets with their knobs waving about. This state of affairs is even more worrying when one takes in to account Equal Opportunities and Human Rights.

All in all a great idea and one that adds credence to that old adage: 'Don't get mad. Be mad!' The real problem is that nobody cares and there is no fcuking community.

Care in the Community cases may have murdered as many as 400 times in the last 8 years. Next Mong I see is getting a Taser between the eyes!