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Carbon Footprint

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The latest buzzword used to describe the government-sanctioned guilt complex foisted upon the masses. Your 'carbon footprint' is the amount of CO² you personally generate whilst going about your daily chores.

Thus: a trip to Tescos in your Vauxhall Nova generates 2000 tons³ - half an iceberg. Whereas a trip to Prague on a jolly boys' weekend - courtesy of easyjet - generates a whopping 60 billion tons³ of carbon dioxide. That's half of fucking Antarctica melting in to the briny you selfish, unthinking cnut. Think of the liddle children!

Oddly enough, the 'carbon footprint' ethic does not apply to super-casinos or 24 hour opening hours, which use enough power to generate enough CO² to melt both poles five million times over... in one weekend. Are you fucking reading this Tessa Jowell?

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