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Captain Crusty

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"A stylish if somewhat eccentric young officer" RSA Report

"One of the finest of his generation" A history of Durham University Pizza Eating Champions

Works alongside Goat Bag The Druid and Cynical Subbie.

Darth_Doctrinus: Crusty is a bloody good bloke - and we need more like him. Professional without being a military sh!t; a character and gentleman to boot. He is also really really pompous, but we forgive him! Edited to add: And has a habit of asking 'facetious' questions!

Currently working as a tour guide in the Mediterranean, his characteristic cravat and riding crop enable him to stand out from the crowd. His ingestion at an early age of RN Mk4 foghorn, ensures that even the deafest of tourists can appreciate his anecdotes. A slow moving, prop-forward, but do not stand between him and a food source or alcoholic beverage.

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