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Caps Policy

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How splendidly lovely. A policy just for caps, and dash my wig if I didn’t just see it outlined in the cinematic talkies for tuppence (including tea and muffins) preceding the main feature.

No, I fucking well did not.

The ARRSEpedia Caps Policy (see Caps Policy) is a policy that refers to the Caps Policy (henceforth known as the Caps Policy) as used in ARRSEpedia.

The policy (caps) is simple. For ARRSEpedia page titles capitalise the:

  • First and last word,
  • Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives,
  • Subordinating conjunctions (for example: before, after, when...),
  • Hyphenated compound words,
  • First word following a colon.

So, for example, a page called “fuck my old boots” would be capitalised as:

  • Fuck my Old Boots.

Note how there were no conjunctions requiring subordination in this case (I said note it, damn you!).

Failure to comply with these ever-so-simple rules will result in His Highness,Sir Rabid of Hamster, moving your new page to comply with Caps Policy, thus making him look as serene and majestic as ever and you look a cunt.