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English Electric Canberra

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Not to be confused with the place Down Under

Brainchild of the eccentric WEW Petter, the English Electric Canberra was the spiritual successor of the De Havilland DH98 Mosquito; a small, fast bomber capable of outrunning contemporary fighters.

The premise, of strapping two of the most powerful jets available to the smallest fuselage and wing possible, doesn't sound promising but it produced one of Britain's most successful and long-lived bombers. Exported to 16 countries including the septics, the Canberra notched up sales of over 1300.

The last operational use of the RAF's remaining Canberra PR9s was photo recconaissance in support of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, which probably ended shortly before the last Canberra flight for the RAF which was in July 2006.

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