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America run by the Swiss

Britain's greatest ally, Canadians have steadfastly contribututed to every British conflict and battle from the Traansvaal to the Somme, Dunkirk to D Day. We provided men and materiels to Britain during all Her darkest hours. Some would posit that Americans have usurped this role, but then, well, they would be idiots, eh? Canucks - true comrades who won't kill Brits by accident.

Where are we?

A snowy, windswept frozen expanse of prairie and pre-cambrian shield formations, populated by polar bears, beavers, eskimos, French fur trappers and pale, 'funny-sounding Americans' in parkas and wooly hats. Located north of the US, hence we are commonly confused with our dimwitted neighbors. [unfortunately, you seem oft to spell like them too]

What do we do?

Main exports

  • Cold fronts
  • Crap singers (Celine Dion, Bryan Adams)
  • TV programmes (e.g. Due South) and French language movies
  • Labatts beer
  • Molson beer (who produced some good adverts under the "I Am Canadian" banner in the late '90s)

Main imports

  • American television
  • Igloo repair kits


  • 50,000 beaver pelts
  • 20,000,000 kegs of Labatt Blue


Eighteen mothballed F-18 fighters, a good army crippled by crap politicians, a rowboat with an elephant gun (HMCS MoosePoo), and a handful of bemused Inuit with Enfield rifles and red jumpers.


Men in big hats and red jackets, called Mounties, who, armed with .38 webley revolvers and wolf pets summoned by a whistle, ride horses and break up bar fights with good manners and a strong fist.


Canoes and dogsleds, taxpayer-subsidised Bombardier trains broken down on tracks due to the never-ending labour unrest in Quebec.


Igloos and log cabins.


See Exports and Imports.

Still (technically) a British dominion, they're pretty much a quasi-independent nation after we realised that they could be trusted not to cock it up too much, and besides, who the hell would live there anyway?


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