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The sniper course was always over-subscribed for some odd reason

Camouflage - the art of effortlessly blending in to the environment in a Predator-like style. The master of camouflage is the Sniper ... and the large carnivorous predator thats stalking him.


Some things can be recognized instantly by their shape - particularly if they contrast with their surroundings. Three easily-distinguished shapes which require you to disguise for concealment are:

  • The clear cut shape of your outline.
  • The smooth round top of a combat helmet.
  • The hard line of a helmet brim or weapon.

Texture (Shine)

If an object has a texture that contrasts with its surroundings it is clearly visible. The surface of the combat helmet and skin tones contrast violently with most backgrounds, so there is a need to disrupt these to assist in your concealment. Apply cream to exposed skin and ensure helmets are covered and scrimmed appropriately.


In sunlight and in moonlight, an object casts a shadow which gives away its presence. For concealment, try to keep in the shadows if possible. Remember that as the sun and moon moves, so do the shadows.


Any object silhouetted against a contrasting background is clearly visible. Smooth flat backgrounds such as water, a field, or - worst of all - the sky, should be considered dangerous. An object may also be silhouetted if it is against the background of another colour. For concealment, choose an uneven background such as a hedge, bush, trees or broken ground to hide your silhouette.


Nature doesn't put things out evenly, so remember this. Natural objects are never regularly spaced. Regular spacing means man-made objects i.e. telegraph poles and fence posts. For concealment avoid regular spacing.


The eye is attracted to movement, especially sudden movement for concealment, movement has to be slow and cautious. These principles are the same for day and for night time.

Health Risk

Wearing camouflage on civvy street can be hazardous to mental health as those not serving can result in severe forms of Waltism. Known symptoms are constant wearing of kit and turning up at the bar claiming to be one of THEM. If you/or anyone else is found doing this, contact your GP as soon as possible.

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