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Cambridge UOTC

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The history of the Cambridge University Officers Training Corps (CUOTC) stretches back to 1803, when Great Britain was threatened with French invasion. Some undergraduates of the University of Cambridge formed a corps of 'Rifle Volunteers' to help in the defence of Britain. The Cambridge University Rifle Volunteers (CURV) were formally raised in 1860. The unit CURV grew to a strength of about 500 at the time of the Boer War, when a detachment was sent to South Africa to augment the Suffolk Regiment. Action in this war earned CURV the battle honour South Africa 1900-01. CURV became CUOTC in 1908 under the Haldane Reforms.

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CUOTC mainly takes both undergraduate and studying graduates from 3 universities. University of Cambridge, Norwich (UEA) and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). It is also known to take undergraduates and graduates from other colleges and universities in the East Anglia area.

Once recruited the basic training package (MTQ1) will take a new OCdt 1term to complete, comprising of 5 weekends and around 8 drill nights. This is completed just before the end of the Autumn term. For 2nd year OCdt there is the option to complete MTQ2 or attempt selection for the Cambrian Patrol team.

The Spring term of the first year will be taken up with special to arm training. Here an OCdt can choose to train with any one of 5 "wings"

Spring term will consist of another 5-6 weekends of training plus each Monday or Tuesday night (location dependent). Up until recently Ocdts in Norwich only had the choice of joining the Infantry or RA wings. However due to popular demand the RAC and RE wings have opened in Norwich.

Widely accepted to be markedly superior to Oxford OTC.