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University city populated by lots of students and tourists. Expensive when buying beer.

The best bars are either the Regal (Weatherspoons) or Willy Thorne's (A snooker/pool hall). But there are some good alehouses too, such as the Champion of the Thames, the Radegund (both on King's St), the Eagle (famous for its wartime RAF bar around the back), the Pickerel, the Anchor and the Mitre.

If you're keen to get your dancing shoes on, you'd better like Cheese. Ballare (still mostly known as Ronelles or Cindies, which it hasn't been for 10-15 years) is probably the largest and least sweaty club. Avoid on Wednesday nights if you don't like students, as it's heaving. Tuesday is International Student Night, full of sexy senoritas, fit frauleins etc.... Club 22 (still referred to as Chicagos or Life) is down an alley, behind Waterstone's. Immensely sweaty, as the ceiling is only 6'10". The Fez Club, across the road from Club 22, opposite B Bar, is probably the most varied music, but is most likely to be filled with locals who think they're American homeboys - and dress like it too.

Has two TA centres. The big one near Sainsbury's has the UOTC, Signals types and the Cadets. The other one has 254 field ambulance and some of THEM

Populated by strange people like Listy