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A country[1] in Southeast Asia that was extensively remodelled in the 1970s by the Khmer Rouge under the marxist loon Pol Pot. Death and unpleasantness followed in industrial quantities. His bright idea was a return to a rustic lifestyle from the middle ages would be good for the soul, moving the urban masses into the countryside actually created a delightful mix of starvation, disease and random mass murder. Land reforms and mass executions of the intellectual class ensued.

In an amusing irony, his downfall was engineered in part by his fellow marxist loons, the Vietnamese. An award-winning film, 'The Killing Fields', has been made about these events.[2]

In general, a country that is full of minefields, tuk tuks, massive old clay temples, crazy peasants and Agent Orange victims backed up by the Chinese.

In 1978 got a massive shoeing from the Vietnamese for raiding their border and kill off several whole village.The 1979 Vietnam-Kampechea war followed suit with the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese war. Khmer Rouge (Red Khmer) forces shattered in less than two weeks and Phnom Penh was captured, with Hun Sen installed to power since.