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Thoroughly pleasant and professional Army officer who has a tendency to lapse into doctrinal speak and buzzwords without warning. He then becomes the most boring man on planet Earth. Also displays an alarming tendency to side with Flashy in virtually every argument.

Keeps on trying to organise 'gatherings' in spite of being involved in the infamous 'Gathering of 64' which nearly saw multiple casualties and actually saw Pangur Ban swearing violently.

From Sluggy: I can confirm the violent swearing. Which concluded in "get off my feet" and Manchestercopper becoming a helium thief. He still owes me a Barbie Balloon. But thanks for my breakfast Calypso. Even if the helium thief did take my beans.

From Captain_Crusty: I think the phrase is 'Doctrinal Nazi'...


Keeps on getting compromised due to his unfortunate tendency to use PCs in Main Building which necessitates rapid name changes every 2/3 months...

Oh aye and he is a great fan of that wonderful company and defence contractor General Dynamics] the wonderful makes of Bowman.