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  • Nicknames: "The Golden State," "The Left Coast," "Kah-lee-fornia" (if you're Arnie), and "Leftist Pinko Homosexual Central" (if you're a bitter Republican that covets our electoral votes; or if you've never been to rural California).
  • The 31st state in the USA; admitted on September 9, 1850.
  • Part of America most at threat from North Korea if they can ever get their missiles to work.
  • The third biggest state, for sheer size (Alaska and Texas are first and second).
  • At 33,871,648 residents (2000 U.S. Census), the most populous state in the union.
  • Major industries are: agriculture (many, many products), oil, mining, electronics, movie making/entertainment, and tourism
  • Home to:
- 1,340 miles of varied and beautiful American coastland
- The majority of America's media production.
- The best burger restaurant in all fifty states: the Apple Pan, Westwood.
- The Ronald Reagan Memorial Library. (both Ronnie's colouring-in books are here)
- The very definitely non-racist Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)
- The John Wayne Airport.
- The Governator.
- Disneyland, or as it's affectionately known by people formerly employed by Walt & Co., Mauschwitz.
- Britney Spears, Madonna (guess the Dorset experiment didn't work), Keanu Reeves and Nicolas Cage. Jeez, we're sorry.
- An estimated 2 million illegal immigrants, which may or may not include...
- Roughly 10% of the estimated 820,000 British expats in America, living in the Santa Monica area alone (source pending).
- A myriad of taco and burrito shops, a direct result of the above point and God's gift to hung-over Californios.
  • California has the eighth-largest economy in the world, so we must be doing something right. (The figure flucutates between 5th and 10th, depending on the source, but eight's a nice median number.)
  • A piece of land VERY likely to fall into the Pacific if anyone sneezes loudly since California sits on a massive fault line in the earths crust. If it does go then worthless scrubland/desert east of the populated areas are going to be valuable beachfront property ... as soon as the dust settles.
  • There is a small, but vociferous, bipartisan movement among Californians to secede from the Union; for example: New California Republic. No doubt many states would be glad to see California go; all this author can say is that we feel exactly the same way about you, Jethro.