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A true Northern Princess, good looks, long legs, a killer, sexy, seductive smile that makes your nuts twitch and the fittest, tightest, firmest, horniest arrse any chap has laid eyes on.

Not just a pretty blonde, she's a fully qualified Engineer with a degree to boot, hairy palms and back to match. Has an ability to get down and be vile with the nastiest grottiest fcukwits on the site then conduct herself like Penelope Keith at a garden party within moments.

Unfortunatley married, although not a deterrant its one of only two known flaws, the other being her capbadge Royal Engineers

Your're still not going near my fart hole MDN--Cait 20:42, 15 August 2006 (BST)

Probably a wise move, it would more than likely leak gravy all over the bedding............ MDN would pay for farthole fun and fornication with Cait whatever the price

Cait recently celebrated the birth of her second child, upon realising how much hard work it was she lobbed it in a wok and invited her Uncle Woo and Auntie Ping Fo round for scoff

eating_babies2a.jpg Caits uncle Woo and baby 'unwanted'