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Central Volunteer HeadQuarters Royal Artillery

From the MOD website

There are two Specialist sections:

  • The Royal Artillery Specialist Pool (individual Gunner reinforcements). This provides individual specialist gunner reinforcements in a variety of trades, from Arty Int operators to NGLOs.
  • All Arms Watch-keepers and Liaison Officers Pool (Officers only). All arms and cap badges are represented here: these are the slightly portly, doddering majors you see filling out formation HQs on exercises and, in smaller proportions, on operations from Op Granby onwards. In reality, some of them have considerable staff experience (a lot of them are, admittedly, Stabs who've run out of time and space in the mainstream TA but don't want to leave) and could probably run the headquarters single handed, having done the same exercises every two years since they joined the pool. The All Arms Watchkeepers Pool is in the process of becoming an essential destination for the ambitious TA officer as it is where the majority of them will do their SO3 and SO2 tours as watchkeepers in operational formation headquarters, and these tours will be necessary for promotion.

In either case, you'll need previous experience in the TA or Regular Army.

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