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Skill at Arms (shooting) competition which takes place at Pirbright. It is comprised of teams from the four CORPS (REME, R Sigs, AGC and RLC). A major bone of contention is that some teams have SUSAT while some do not.

The TA shoot on the Weekend, and then the Regulars shoot during the following week. If you're organising any shooting competition, try and blag the Gurkhas to run the butts. I've never seen such a professionally run set of ranges.

The best shot from each CORP gets carried in huge great wooden chairs engraved with the names of each year's winner. Don't take the p1ss out of the 'less impressive' chairs. The REME and R Sigs ones may look better, but they're also a lot heavier.

There is also a 'weapons' stand where you can shoot any of the 9mm, 5.56mm (including your own rifle) or 7.62mm weapons at £1 for ten rounds. You can also shoot .303 and .308 weapons at £1 for five rounds.

There are lots of weapons on offer that you normally wouldn't get to fire (especially as a STAB, including MP5's, various Sniper Rifles and Enfields