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Keeping the world safe for right wing dictators

Central Intelligence Agency. The USA's very own security organization that provides intelligence and spies all over the world, to allow the President to make informed decisions and formulate a sensible foreign policy. At least thats what they are supposed to do. Mostly they get into black ops, fund illegal wars using drug money and plot the overthrow of any democrat president.

During the Cold War, while NATO was facing the Warsaw Pact across the IGB, the CIA was doing the same with the KGB and Stazi and it was whispered that half the population of Berlin were either CIA, KGB, Stazi or MI5.

The C in CIA has been rumoured to stand for Comedy rather than Central. Their efforts to amuse ... sorry ... kill Castro during the 60's and 70's were 'interesting' to say the least. Check out the fun and games here

Even by the CIA's very low standards, something went very wrong in 2003/4 then as they didn't seem to know anything of what was going on in Iraq.

A fair body of evidence is available that the CIA is responsible for much of what ills the world right now. Everything from instability in the Middle east, through LSD/cocaine/heroin and on to god awful disgrace in much of Africa. All in the name of Uncle Sam. The CIA have so far armed the Taliban, provided Bin Laden with explosives, screwed up Palestine and tortured innocent civilians. These are only the fuck ups we know about.

Many ex US Presidents have criticised the CIA's incompetence in their memoirs.