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Combat Body Armour

Combat Body Armour has recently been issued in most situations where there is a danger of a soldier coming under fire, and is worn over the normal Combat 95 clothing. A vast improvement in protection over not being issued Body Armour, but does tend to make everything a much greater effort. This is amplified with an increase in temperature.

Adding the Ceramic plates available which are to product from high velocity and much hard hitting ammunition like rifle rounds makes the CBA "Enchanced CBA" aka ECBA

One popular suggestion for CBA has been to place a brightly coloured 'bullseye' target over the rather small ceramic plate, in order to encourage snipers to go for this, rather than aiming at the considerably larger parts of the body armour which won't actually protect you from a high-velocity round.

CBA has also become the internet/text talk abreviation for cant be arrsed.

There was an idea being to retire it or perhaps make it a supplement to Mk4 Osprey but than Mk4 Osprey was retired.

Now CBA is issued in MTP.