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Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath

Halfway between the CBE and a KBE/KCB in the general pecking order of seniority. As the position of the award within the order is that of mere companion it means that the elusive title of 'Sir' is still some way off. Not to worry. As you're probably of Major General rank it's highly likely that you've already been earmarked for greater things, and in any case, lots of people call you 'Sir' anyway.

Still, you'll get the (by now familiar) trip to the big house whereupon the boss will give you a rather spiffing keepsake as a memento of your trip. It looks a little bit like the Blue Max and is far superior to its civvy equivalent. In no time at all you'll be largeing it up in the Officers Mess like the fucking Red Baron. Alternatively, you could register your disgust at being passed over for a Knighthood by flogging the gong on eBay and slapping your resignation on your own desk before saluting yourself in the mirror and marching out.



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