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Please note involves a naked flame and flammable materials. Be safe and don't be a Div.

If you have new ammo boots with the wrinkles then you should tightly pack your boots and tie them with string. It helps to keep the shape but won't stop them shrinking. Some orderlies recommend you get boots a size bigger but that usually means they are over generous with the burner. Give your boots a good k1w1 polish but don't brush off. Start by waving your burner over the leather quickly to warm up the leather. Rub a bit of beeswax over them at this stage and let it soak in. To remove the dimples you have to pass the flame over steadily but don't linger the dimples will recede into the leather but shrinkage follows quickly after. when you are happy with the area you are burning in rub a good amount of beeswax in and let it cool down while moving on to another part of the boot.

Personally I never remove all the wrinkles as it is too easy to shrink the boots and a good layering and polishing technique will cover the rest any way.

You can pass the burner over it lightly to smooth off and melt in any wax drips. I like to use a teaspoon to scrape them off and I slightly warm it to dig out the welts(it saves time when you are bulling) When your waxing is done let the boots cool down I generally just leave them over night which is why my waxing service takes 3 days from receipt. Next comes the bit you can access freely the guide to shiny shoes If you do muck up there is a guardsman on eBay and some boots for sale but hopefully not. At the end you will have a gleaming pair of boots that still fit.