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Burkina Faso

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Another TPLAC, this time a former French colony.

Formerly known as The Upper Volta, it may well be the location of the Battle of Umboto Gorge, a formative experience in the military career of Capt E. Blackadder.


Presumably it has some, but I'll bet you can't point to it on a map (Clue: It's just above Togo).


Typical Imperial and post-Imperial mess, but at least this time the world can blame the frogs.

To give you an idea, the ruling party is called 'The Congress for Democracy & Progress' and came to power in a coup in 1987. They received over 80% of the vote in the last election. Oh what a giveaway.


  • Army is about 6,000 strong. For a country of 15 million people.
  • Air Force supposedly has 19 aircraft of 12 different models. This includes 11 helicopters and one crop-spraying plane (!). Reportedly they do not have any fixed-wing combat aircraft in operational condition. And all without the assistance of BAE Systems.
  • Navy - none, they're landlocked.