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One of the most useful bits of kit the army never invented, along with Harry Black.

Consists of multiple elastic threads encased in olive green outer covering , terminating in either a hook or some sort of fastening loop

Bungees were first grown in Catterick training area in preparation for the Cold War, when the Cold War defrosted the climate changed allowing the sapling bungee trees to be propagated in SENTA,STANTA, Otterburn etc. etc. They are lovingly harvested by careful storemen so that they can be put in big sealed plastic bags and put on a shelf in the QM's store with the Straps, utility. Of course, the ones in the stores are green with black hooks for camouflage purposes. And a bright yellow marker tape that gives you the NATO Stock Number. Yet another masterpiece from MoD(PE).

Bungee trees can still be found today.

Most useful; they are used for a plethora of jobs , fixing cam nets, attaching stuff to bergans and virtually any job where the correct fixing device cannot be found.

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