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Bul Cherokee

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Bul Cherokee 'Spec Ops'
Country Of Origin Israel
In Service 1999 - Present
Used By Israel
Effective Range 150m
Maximum Range 200m
Weight 705g
Cartridge 9mm x 19mm Luger

Around 1999 a private Israeli company Bul Ltd developed a new pistol, intended for security, civilian self-defense and sport markets.

These pistols are widely used by Israeli security agencies, as well as by several foreign police and military forces. Sought widely by Walts and Airsofter's who think its extremely ally looks would suit them down to the ground. That and the fact that they can't find a decent enough looking BB gun in the local car-boot sale.

Although, let's be honest, it's hard to find a point for it. It takes a pistol and adds bits of rifle to take away all the reasons you would want a pistol - without supplementing the reasons you'd want a rifle. Could only have come from Israel.